Verboten, a small nightclub in Brooklyn, New York that plays techno, deep, and tech house was officially seized on Wednesday after ownership failed to pay taxes. Last May, I had my one and only experience with the club for a Steve Angello show and he played as his moniker, Mescal Kid. It really doesn’t get any better than that. Back in 2014, Angello had an interview with Mix Mag expressing his desire to return to the club scene and eventually, he did with a residency at SLS Vegas and in 2015, going on a North American club tour including a new residency at Vegas hottest new nightclub at the time, Omnia.

I’m going to be honest. I didn’t know what he was talking about at first regarding the club scene because I was only 20 years old at the time and it’s required to be 21 to gain entry in most clubs so I’ve never experienced the club scene and couldn’t relate to what he was saying. I strictly went to festivals because that’s the only place I was able to hear dance music with my age requirement. Eventually, I turned 21 as he announced his new club tour and I wanted to make plans to attend two shows in New York at Marquee and Pacha, but the adult life with school and work got in the way and I was unable to make it. Fast forward to May where I was already attending New York for EDC and his last few shows of the tour was occurring, he announced a last-minute show at Verboten, a club that I had never heard of before, but I wanted to try it out just to see one of my favorite artists so I made it happenĀ and it was a great warmup for me with less than a week before EDC.

Going through security, ID check, and entering felt good at the time because it meant I was finally old enough to attend a club. Anyone get that feeling before? I found the main room to see Sebjak playing and from there on, I was in awe of the club and the vibes I was getting. Once Sebjak was done, Angello graced the crowd with his presence and until 5 am, it was nothing but dark, intimate vibes in a small room with about 100-150 people. It was a different setting, but I instantly fell in love with it. Yes, it was small and not much to move around in like a festival, but you quickly adjust to it when your favorite artist is playing a rare set as Mescal Kid and not just a same ol’ festival set with the best hits in ‘EDM’. Aside from the good vibes and good music being played, the service was great and had no complains at all. It would’ve been better if most of the crowd wasn’t on their phone throughout the night, but it was a Mescal Kid set and completely different from a normal Steve Angello set so I get that people wanted to capture history and yes, I grabbed a few clips myself, but most importantly, I enjoyed most of it without being on my phone to get the vibe of an old school club setting when phones didn’t exist.

After the night was over, all I could think to myself was the fact that I really loved the setting. Small production, few lighting, good sound system. It’s much better than a festival since I feel like it’s more for the kiddie adults when you see them with rave gear and trading kandi. Yeah, that stuff is cool if you’re into it, but when they get to experience the club scene with their favorite artist like I did, it might be life changing for them. I wanted to visit the club again whenever I go to New York, but due to the circumstances going on now with ownership, it looks like I won’t ever get the chance to do so again. At least, I have one amazing memory of what happened that night without taking drugs or drinking, just listening to good tech house from Steve Angello and gettingĀ a feel for the club scene. Thank you Verboten for the excellent service that I was only able to experience one time and Steve Angello for helping me understand your comments about the club scene!