Thousands of people attend Burning Man Festival in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert annually making it world renowned festival. The festival has become notorious for providing attendees a chance to experience art work, fashion, and music with a different organized theme every year. Earlier this week, festival organizers announced the theme for its 2017 edition called “Radical Ritual.”

“In 2017, we will invite participants to create interactive rites, ritual processions, elaborate images, shrines, icons, temples, and visions. Our theme will occupy the ambiguous ground that lies between reverence and ridicule, faith and belief, the absurd and the stunningly sublime. The human urge to make events, objects, actions, and personalities sacred is protean. It can fix on and inhabit anyone or anything. This year our art theme will release this spirit in the Black Rock Desert.”

Themes have varied in the past such as “DaVinci’s Workshop”, “Carnival of Mirrors”, or “Wheel of Time” among others and attendees have more than likely received a once-in-a-lifetime experience in the past, so “Radical Ritual” should be no exception. For more information on “Radical Ritual”, read the blog post from festival organizers. ‘Burning Man’ festival will occur from August 27th through September 4th, 2017!