Deep in a small town in New Jersey USA, Jordan and Dave discovered their passion for dance music seperately, but eventually established something together later in their lives. Jordan discovered dance music on a trip to Sweden, where he quickly brought back the fascination for it. Through the early means of internet music sharing via Limewire, he began expanding his knowledge into music and production, with acts such as Daft Punk and Louie Vega. Dave’s spark began through a friend, who introduced him to DJing with his DJM 600 in his room. The entire summer was spent learning how to mix records , which brought him into his love for House music.

Today, Digital Junkiez produce Progressive House, but their journey into production has brought them a background of Techno, Tech House and straight House records. Though they’ve only been under the alias for 5 years roughly, they’ve been fortunate to have performed across North America including Pacha New York City, Governors Island, Beta Nightclub, Deko Lounge and HQ Nightclub/Beach Club. Coming off of a string of shows in Miami, they’re currently in the process of putting together another North American tour, determined to bring that New York City sound into a modern scene.

Digital Junkiez are set to bring the power behind their tracks to many North American venues to come. Be sure to stay in touch with them on all their socials to follow where they’re headed next!

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