SIZE Records does no wrong. We know this, the labels avid listeners know this, heck pretty much anyone who is remotely associated with electronic music knows this. In taking SIZE’s July 20th release for example, “Objectif”, we receive an impeccable dance classic that is so refined you would’ve thought the track came from the label head-honcho himself.

But no, this one wasn’t orchestrated by Steve Angello; instead inscribed on the record are electronic groups Twoloud and Mojjjo x Mind’CD. Many might recognize Twoloud as the cloaked duo that have been on a tear of the scene during the 2014-2015 campaign; releasing loads of music along with their Big Bang Radio Show on SiriusXM, touring like jetsetters to various parts of the world and appearing in and at all sorts of feature podcasts and festivals respectively. The other half to the song represents a group that is relatively new; so new in fact that it seems as though their social media’s (Facebook/ Twitter) were created simply in order to promote the release of what we assume is their first track in Objectif.

But more about the actual tune. Originally played by Angello during his exceptional set at Ultra Miami, Objectif has since been adapted to the sets of dance music’s biggest and brightest. Continuing to build popularity until it was mastered to perfection; the finished product showcases a sensational piano influenced melody which remains present even into the drop. Objectif’s danceability factor is alive and well, allowing for anyone and everyone to get up and shake it like no one’s watching. Truly a progressive splendor, it’s no wonder why Steve picked up the track for SIZE. It should be quite interesting to see how far Objectif can go!