It’s sort of refreshing to hear Sander Van Doorn produce something that touches on a genre he is no longer associated with. When you think SvD nowadays, you think of melodic sounding progressions that lead into big bodied drops with a stapled vocal section that is anything but dark. That said, the Dutchman’s latest turns the tables on the line of productions he’s been serving us for the last couple of years.

It’s called “Oh, Amazing Bass” and if the name doesn’t explain it enough, allow us to fill in the blank spots. You see, the track lightly dabbles with the genre of Techno in showing off it’s strong array of deep drums. Layered atop of that, a kick-ass kick allowing for a flexible yet steady sound throughout the whole run of the track. That may be all fine and dandy, but the goodness lies underneath. Oh, Amazing Bass’ actual bass is woozy enough to get you buzzed off of and we aren’t stretching that truth in the slightest.

The song is a dual release through Sander’s very own DOORN imprint along with Spinnin’ Records as well. In addition, Oh, Amazing Bass is a Beatport exclusive that is available as of now!