When two people with individual talent put their minds together, creativity thrives in a truly unique way. This is the reaction that occurred between the two minds of Sondrum. Coming out of a town called Hamstad, in Sweden, these two minds have brought together groovy House music with a disco/funky touch. With only their second track out as a duo, it would be a mistake to assume that they’re still new to the scene, as both of them have been producing music on and off for years. It’s been 2 years they’ve been together, with a sharp future ahead.

The duo has performed across Sweden, their most memorable being at the famous Swedish club, Birger Jarl in Uppsala. The goal is to make Sondrum an international name as much as it is a Swedish one. Their interesting fusion of 80s dance music with modern EDM is something rarely seen, and has the potential of becoming their signature.


 “The connection between us and the fans and also with other people in the business is very important. We’ve learned to have patience. As long as you have passion and are a hard worker, it will pay off”

With only 2 tracks out, the two behind Sondrum know they need more out. That’s exactly what’s coming. More groovy House beats with that fusion they love to blend so much. In between are some shows outside of Sweden, which they are very much looking forward to.

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