Entering a zone of jungle fever, SoundandNoize presents an intimate collaboration with One Tribe NYC – an international, next generation, creative community that leverages a trendy on forward crown of music lovers across the globe. Together, both brands will gravitate music towards the dance floor this Halloween 2019. The lineup includes: Paso Doble from Montreal AMEME and Cisummi New York based artists. Expect exotic decoration and vibrant colors in the space of Paradise Club, located at the Edition Hotel in Times Square. Join us November 1st

Paso Doble: 

“Music is the strongest form of Magic.” Paso Doble dispels notions of musical homology and plays narratives of existence of the African, self-rooted within an ecosystem of lush culture. 
His latest album Africa Knows Who I Am is graced with authentic musical works that not only reflect the chronicles of the African people but also produces them in the creation and construction of experiences of identity in cultural space.


This is probably business as usual for @amemedj as he has been leading @onetribenyc from day one. 
We are very excited to have him back from his European tour including cities like: IBIZA-BERLIN-ISTANBUL-ROME. He is currently planning to release his first EP ever ,under #onetribemusic by @onetribenyc (us) and has being doing the ground work to get the word out there.


CISUMMI is a Brooklyn based DJ who grew up between France, Spain and his origin country Benin. His music style celebrates his African roots deeply anchored in his heart, as well as the latin culture he cherishes. His music curation is the reflection of his life’s travels and an ode to every ethnies.

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