Funkerman knew at a very young age that his hands were meant for turntables. Growing up in Breda in the Netherlands, amidst his curiosity phase of his youth he discovered mixing and scratching. Eventually that turned into learning how to record it and later learn how to produce it. Though he draws inspiration from a fair amount of artists and producers, Funkerman finds the most inspiration in himself.

“the biggest inspiration is my own unstoppable desire to learn more about my craft”

It’s been 25 years since his story began, and since, he’s shown continuing determination to hone his skills.

His music falls under the House music genre, with elements of Pop and Hip & Hop thrown in. He’s been fortunate to play at some of the world’s largest festivals, including Tomorrowland, Ultra and Bud Light Sensation. Funkerman’s awesome funky style could be found throughout North America and sometimes Europe, and you can expect to catch him sometime within the year, no matter where you are.

To date, having his first chart record, ‘Speed Up’ as well as the success of the record label he’s with, Flamingo Recordings are two milestones of his career. He anxiously waits for his next, as his album is set to release in April. Coupled with many exciting remixes, releases and shows in the near future, there is lots to get excited about with Funkerman.

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