Coming from an extremely musical family in Holland, Venomenal knew his calling was towards music. Surrounded by instruments, from the piano and saxophone to the bugle, he became well versed with the various methods of producing music. This is something else he knew. What he didn’t know is how far down the rabbit hole he would go with music. What started when he was only a mere child of 8 years old, has began to take shape into the beginning of an illustrious career in the dance music scene.

“[I] discovered the existence of DAW’s at an old friend’s home when i was around 15 years old. At that point I was already listening to some electronic stuff. Deadmau5 for instance. He really got me excited about dance music”

Venomenal calls his style commercial House, with a touch of disco to spice things up. Despite only having one track released, ‘Gameboy’ under Marcus Schossow’s ‘Code Red’ label, he still is working very hard towards music production. The difficulty is finding the right groove, and the right sound that you’re looking for. Though he hasn’t found it yet, his style, musical background and taste for the exotic will easily bring him into a sound he’s comfortable with, and likely one we’re not very familiar with.

This year, Venomenal will be performing his 3rd gig, and it’s easily the biggest of his career. Where else but the Amsterdam Dance Event to perform? The event will take place at Club Abe, tickets could be bought here.

“I don’t think there’s many DJ’s playing at such a big event with so little experience in performing so it’s kinda scary too”.

Venomenal is on the right path, and has already achieved what many dream of. With his first track out, he’s struck gold. With over 600,00 Spotify plays for his track ‘Gameboy’, what followed was 2 gigs, a publishing deal, and his name being displayed around the world. Marcus Schossow has shown a lot of promise and hype towards him. If he’s into him, we all should be too!

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