Though growing up in a quiet village in south France, La Valette Du Var, Syskey is capable of loud sound. Music has always been a part of his life. His taste for music began when he picked up guitar at age 15 with some friends. From the guitar he learnt the basics of rhythm and music. Years later, electronic music became the target in his sights when big names like Gregori Klosman , Tristan Garner and Joachim Garraud grew in fame. Syskey discovered them while browsing an electronic music production forum, an early place where many of the greats congregated to help each other with their craft. Inspired to participate in this production world, he began to learn how to electronically produce music through a program, Virtual DJ, and later FL Studio, which he uses to this day. His earliest works were remixes of Joachim Garraud tracks. Today, he makes original mixes.

“I like to produce that kind of music that you wont need to shazam because you will know it’s one of mine”

Syskey is a perfectionist when it comes to what he makes in the studio. The track needs to be groovy, techy, and a lot of bass, while being in with what everyone likes. His style is perfect for intimate club venues, where the atmosphere is wild and energetic, and the crowd is very responsive to the DJs flow of tracks. Syskey has spent the past few months in the studio, perfecting his music. With a signing on a Dutch label, he’s ready to apply what he’s made in the club scene and witness the crowd go crazy. His tracks have already received support, especially from Steve Angello during his BBC Radio 1 Residency last January, proving Syskey is capable of making something great.

Huge releases are on the way. The strongest he’s had yet is one with his friend and DJ, Stadiumx. This year will be spent focusing on his European imprint on the music scene, as he grows into the industry.

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