Drop everything you’re doing and check this man out. Styline is a producer born in Frankfurt, raised in Belgium, who’s been pioneering his own style and sound for some time now. He calls it Power House. As he claims, its a kind of driving House music that falls in between the mainstream and underground. He employs elements from Techno and big key parts from House, making it approachable to so many different kinds of music lovers. It’s also perfect for any atmosphere: Club, festival, gym, car. Can’t really get better than that.

Styline always knew music was essential in his life. Having played the saxophone for over 8 years, it taught him the important of melody, rhythm and groove. Currently, Zhu, another classically trained musician, is his biggest inspiration. His unique music has a characteristic sound that Styline strives to achieve. Needless to say, I think he’s on to something good.

Currently, he’s based in Bali and around Asia, playing at all kinds of different clubs. In the past, he had a residency at M1NT nightclub in Shanghai, which he credits to having helped develop his style a lot. STORM festival was perhaps one of his biggest bookings, often being compared an equivalent to Ultra music festival. But North America and Europe shouldn’t have cause to worry. His management is working on getting him some great tours set up in both continents. Expect to see Styline at some major events in the coming years, from the Amsterdam Dance Event to Ultra Miami!

“I’m trying to find artists that fit the Power House Scheme, and occasionally I find single tracks that are perfect, but I was not able to find anyone else that produces the style of music I do”

It’s definitely been a journey for Styline, finding his niche into the ever expanding music market. He knew he was on to something, and felt that he needed a better outlet to push out the music he wanted. That’s why he began his own label, Maskade, which promises to be the number one future source of his unique style, Power House. He hopes to have future Maskade themed parties, where the artists under his label get to display their sound.

His Power House Movement has recently completed phase 2, and by 2017 phase 3 will begin. He’ll be sure to include lots of sound design and modifications to guarantee a one of a kind bass experience.

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