If you haven’t heard of Toriah yet, let me give you a brief introduction on the rising tech-house producer based in the UK. The love for dance music started back in 2010 at Creamfields and it’s been a rollercoaster since then by DJing across Europe at the likes of Victoria Warehouse, Tiger Tiger in Manchester, EGG LDN, Amnesia, and Cafe Mambo. After getting a little taste of the industry by simply DJing, Toriah wanted to test the waters with producing and caught the attention of Sonny Wharton with her track, ‘Got The Funk.’ In 2017, Toriah held residencies at some of the best clubs in Liverpool including Circo, Kingdom along with various guest slots throughout the city. 2018 would be the true start for the young tech house producer as she gained recognition from one of the biggest tech house labels – Toolroom, her debut at Creamfields, and a special guest mix for Data Transmission. The future is bright for Toriah and she is just getting started! I had the chance to speak with her about an upcoming EP on OneNine Records, her major musical influences, and more.

What influenced you to become a producer?

When I started DJing to bigger crowds, I started to notice people’s reactions during my sets to different tracks I would drop, all of which were other producers music. I always wondered how that must feel, to see people enjoying themselves and dancing to something you’ve sat there and spent time, hard work and effort on. Imagine looking out to a crowd full of people filled with whatever kind of emotion they feel when your track comes on. I wanted to know what that felt like. When I played Twisted at my debut for Cream I got exactly that feeling looking out to a crowd throwing their hands up, fist pumping, enjoying the drop on MY track. Music makes me emotional in different ways, so if I really like a song you can always tell by my reaction to it and I want people to feel or have the emotions I’ve had off music before when listening to my music because I think that’s something special you know? It also makes all that hard work feel worthwhile too!

If you could choose any label to work with, who would it be and why?

My favorite label since Day 1 has been Toolroom, their collection, history and variety of music/releases is just basically a big list of all my favorite kind of dance music rolled into one! One of the first tracks of Toolroom’s I ever heard was “Dave Spoon – At Night” which was released back in 2006, so we’re talking way over 10+ years of absolutely banging tracks. I could list so many tracks that have been released by this label that have inspired me over the years, so of course you can imagine why I’d want to work with this label as most of my inspiration has been drawn from these guys and of course the head honcho himself Mark Knight. I have recently had some close involvement with Toolroom since May 2018 through their #WeAreListening platform supporting Female DJs/Producers in dance music. I aim to do what it takes to one day release a track on Toolroom, for now I seem to be getting closer!

Who would your dream collaboration be with and why?

My dream collaboration without a doubt would have to be with CamelPhat. They’ve inspired me since the very beginning of my journey into DJing and Producing as I have followed them from their early days as Whelan & Di Scala when they had a local residency in Liverpool (where we are all from), so I got to know them pretty well back then. They’ve inspired me ever since with their hard work and determination to get to where they are now and every genre they’ve touched both past and present, they’ve always produced brilliant music. Its kind of surreal to watch them grow and pretty much take over the world of dance music, they’ve become one of the most iconic, biggest selling dance artists out there right now, so it would be amazing to collab with 2 local lads who have inspired me from the very start. 

Who are your musical influences?

It’s no secret CamelPhat and Mark Knight have inspired me so much, but other than them the musical influences really varies. It depends on the artist, the music they put out and the way their music or sets have inspired me or influenced me emotionally over the years. In the dance music world, it’s the likes of Swedish House Mafia (especially Steve Angello), Eric Prydz, Avicii, Annie Mac, Hannah Wants, Calvin Harris, MK, Lane 8 and Matrix & Futurebound. Outside of dance music, I grew up listening to the likes of Eminem, Linkin Park, and Robbie Williams, yes Robbie Williams! But if I’m feeling the music, I’m feeling the music and I think it’s important to appreciate different genres and artists, I really dislike music snobbery!

What can we expect from Toriah in 2019?

In 2019, you can expect to see more releases from myself! The first release of the year is my Twisted E, which is out on OneNine Records on the 1st of March 2019. There’s due to be some big announcements in regards to gigs that I can’t yet announce, but these are huge brands I’ll be playing for! I’m also hoping to achieve a few more goals from another visit to Toolroom where I’ll be meeting some very well respected artists in the industry right now!