Everyone knows the magical stories of DJs like Martin Garrix, Oliver Heldens and Curbi, kids who grew into the scene and found their own way, making it big at an age no DJ could really imagine. Here’s one that’s at the peak of doing the same thing. Introducing Ollie Crowe. At the age of 16, out of Blackpool, England, Ollie has began making some waves in the Future House scene.

While he hasn’t played any shows yet, and has not tested his DJing skills, his skills in the studio are already being made public. With thousands of followers on his Soundcloud page, Ollie’s tracks have been receiving praise from fans and producers alike, including Cedric Gervais and Joe Stone. Recently, his works have begun with Spinnin’ Records who will no doubt push him to limits beyond his reality.

For Ollie right now, the goal is to develop his passion of Future House music more. So far in the music industry he has learnt to always expand and try new things. He has taken what he’s learned and is eager to bring it back to Future House.

This guy is just getting on the radar! Look for his name under Spinnin’, with some new music out of him in the coming months! Keep up the good work Ollie!