Holland is a place filled with creative minds dedicated to electronic music production. As such, when you grow up in the region, it can easily become a passion. For Rene Amesz, living in Rotterdam naturally introduced him to the wonders of electronic music. When he was 18 years old, a prominent night club in the area, Nighttown, served as the crucial medium to bring his passion to bear. Ronald Molendijk and Michel De Hey were the two men who ran the night club, and served as major influences in Rene’s life.

“I was very young being influenced by techno and house while most of the kids were raised with radio top40 music”

Throughout his 22 years of production, he’s remained consistent with his production style: groovy House, and some Tech House in the mix as well. He defines his style as raw, twisted and funky, sounds, and very familiar to the Rotterdam scene. As long as there is funk, anything goes.

With his wide experience in the scene, Rene Amesz has been fortunate to play at some incredible shows and venues, including Dance Valley and Extrema Outdoor Festival. During the latter, he closed out the festival to an audience of over 40,000. That magical night remains one of his great achievements to date.

Over such a long career, this year is going to be a big one for Rene Amesz, as he’s got his sights on starting a new label. With its creation, he’ll have a platform to release all his music throughout Asia, Europe and Australia. He’s also got some major touring plans for the three continents in the works for later this year.

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