Sound and Noize is a believer in the nomadic way of life. We believe in freeing the soul, in staying grounded to the earth without chaining ourselves to a time and space. Losing the freedom to travel allows us to embark on an inward journey that knows no borders, to disconnect with the world and reconnect with our selves. The tourism industry suffers greatly from the socioeconomic impacts of the pandemic, and we still want to show our support until our bodies are set free as well. We hope this confinement changes our travellers perspectives and teaches us to travel mindfully, in connection with the earth and with respect for the sacred energies and communities we visit. Eastern destinations like Bali or Thailand are an optimal choice for yoga retreats, but the overload of tourism has dramatically affected their environment, which goes against the gypsy mindset. We want to give you some retreat ideas closer to home, with our three top picks in California, Costa Rica, and Tulum, that might spark some hope for future plans. 

The Amansala’s Beach Front

While we love Tulum for its parties, we can easily lose touch of ourselves in the indulgence of earthly pleasure. With the partying temptation so strong, I personally had difficulty meditating there in january.. as it can be hard to disconnect when the physical senses are so heightened. I needed a halfway break to detox, which was truly revitalizing and every moment was then enjoyed much more deeply and mindfully. However, we can also use this sensorial experience to get in touch with ourselves and with nature, for which the Amansala eco-chic resort is a prime option! Right on Tulum beach, aman-sala is sanskrit for peace-water, and is entirely built with natural material and resources. They believe a retreat is one you leave better than when you arrive, and focus on meshing nature, movement, community, and mindfulness. You can personalize your stay, but they offer a variety of group retreats whether you gravitate towards wellness, spirituality, mental or physical health. From their signature retreats, we recommend the Beach n Bliss, focusing on self-care with daily yoga, meditations, beach walks, spa treatments and excursions… But for a more spiritual experience, the Restore n’ Awaken is definitely our first choice. Aiming to elevate your soul with daily yoga, meditations, spa treatments, shamanic ceremonies and mayan rituals, this retreat resonates with the mystical vibrations of Tulum like no other. 

AHKI’s Shala, designed on the Vatsu Shastra principles

The Nicoya peninsula is one of the five blue zones where human lives thrive in longevity, and we just couldn’t write an article about yoga retreats without mentioning the natural oasis that is Costa Rica. The country’s mantra symbolizes itself in its simplicity and their way of life is one to aspire; Pura Vida, to live purely. If you aren’t exactly looking for a digital detox in the jungle,  AHKI offers group retreats in the Nosava mountains that leave their guests the freedom to personalize their stay. Their shala is designed by the fundamentals of vastu shastra, “the yoga of space” which invokes the flow of healing energy and harmonizes the soul in a spacious, yet minimalist space. It is a complex ancient science of sacred geometry, in conjunction with 9 planets and 9 directions for the five elements. The first of the Pranva Veda to consider an open living space symbolic of inner connection, as the body is home to the spirit, thus invoking an openness of the soul. AHKI is sustainable from their solar panels to their kitchen, and they offer a fresh, organic menu with gluten-free and vegan options! They also offer a variety of activities like surfing, hiking, and horseback-riding to compliment your yoga practice, as to truly enjoy the bliss Costa Rican nature has to offer. 

Daily massages in The Pearl’s all organic garden

If you haven’t perfected your hispanic skills yet, rest assured california also has plenty of good options for yoga retreats. The harmonic vibrations of the west coast are so passionate and free-spirited, they resonate with our senses and our souls, even in the biggest urban centres. Reknown Yogi couple Geo and Katresha Moskios founded the pearl Laguna and have one of the best yoga programs for an intimate retreat as they only accept 14 guests at a time. They base their fundamental principle on the immersion of yoga and nature, aiming to revitalize the mind and body with three core activities: yoga, hiking and meditation. Their rejuvenating programs are based on four pillars; natural exercise, natural food, rest, and positive loving energy. Even their plant-based cuisine is purely natural as they only cook with organic, unprocessed ingredients, and gratitude for the earth. With spiritual healing practices and daily massages, the pearl is more than a yoga centre or a spa hotel, but a serene home for a connection with nature that will bring you back to your natural state. 

Retreats aren’t just vacations, and yoga isn’t merely a physical activity. It’s a state of mind and flow of energy that opens the soul to the outer world. Although we were all very excited to travel to Ibiza as soon as we heard Spain was lifting some travel bans for july, with the touristic restrictions and COVID-19 outbreaks still so precarious, you may want to consider a more mindful trip. While we can’t travel to natural wonders, we can always travel within. If you must be confined into your home, you don’t have to confine your soul into your body. You are free to let go of time and space, and let your mind wander. You can guide your inward journey with your home practice, until you get to explore the earth and experience these wonderful retreats. Until then, Sound and Noize will wander along, with compassion, gratitude and of course, music.