San Marino is a small republic in the middle of Italy that has produced a large trio of producers. Delayers are a group of three friends who knew they could take their skills in the studio and behind the decks to the next level. At a young age during their high school years, they would mix together, being inspired by Tiesto and Swedish House Mafia. Eventually their passion transitioned into performing at local clubs. The desire was there to play tracks that were made by themselves, and so eventually they would begin learning the production element of the electronic music duality.

Their sound has generated into two distinct styles: One, a Future House style with pop elements, and the other is their fun classy/strange Deep House, Electro music. What’s clear is this trio has no fear of experimenting with their sounds, dropping in off tempo beats, or non traditional electro sounds. As long as they give the crowd something awesome to groove to, their performance and production are successful.

“We always try to give a personal touch to our productions that could be simple by using old kind of house music sound that nobody uses right now”.

They currently play gigs all over Italy, with some notable performances at Nameless Music Festival Italy and Joia Club in France. Outside of the mainland in Europe, they’ve also had the privilege to perform at Nikki Beach in Miami. Some notable highlights in their life include doing a collab with their idol, Tiesto. Another collav with him is already on their list of things to do for the year to come! Who knows what else is possible!

Be sure to follow this hot trio as they release more unpredictable music! Who knows what style they’ll venture for next!

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