Mind Medicine in Australia has recently discovered a new method on how to treat people struggling with mental health during COVID-19.  The Australian federal minister has declared that they will now be offering psychedelic – assisted psychotherapy part of the mental health support system.

Australia has seen a spike in people’s mental health such as anxiety, depression & stress following the pandemic. A member of the MMA board on ABC news reported “potentially the most significant innovation in mental health we’ve seen in decades”, adding: “We would be derelict in our duty as a country if we didn’t take this opportunity to grab hold of this technology, and then see it’s introduced in a way which can potentially provide very significant benefit to many Australians.” In addition, He noted: “When we come out of this (pandemic), there will literally be tens of thousands of people coming out the other end of this needing treatment and help,” and criticised the lack of “any major move forward in this mental health space for decades.”