Lawrence Casal is a guy who knows how to lay down the funk. Born in San Jose, Costa Rica, the man idolized acts such as Depeche Mode, The Cure and Kraftwerk, fascinated by the stories they told and the journeys they took the crowd on. His adventures into music began, producing Tech House and Techno, while also singing for an Indie Pop band on the side. His style features heavy hitting bass, with funky synths and twangs, producing a groovy sound that makes it easy to dance to.

While Casal’s name is not huge internationally, in South America, he is well known and loved. His current 10 year career has brought him to all of the major clubs and festivals in the Southern Hemisphere. Some spots include La Casona Del Mar (Honduras) Club Vértigo (Costa Rica), Velvet (México), Amnesia and the massive 20k festival, Chepe Joven. Chepe Joven remains one of his greatest achievements in his career.

Lawrence Casal always tries to include vocals in his tracks.

“[…] means some important issue for me. Think in some melody that represent some kind of magic for me and make a song with that”.

By including specially selected vocals, he adds to the delivery of the beat with a powerful message, all combining to make a unique, funky and groovy atmosphere.

Lawrence Casal is hard at work to promote his brand and bring his funky style of music to the world. Be sure to follow him on all his socials, and check him out if you head down South!

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