What happens when you collide two of dance music’s most innovative minds? The answer: pure perfection! Everyone’s favorite Dutchman is back yet again this time teaming up with what many would say to be Canada’s hottest act in the now. Yes, Oliver Heldens and Shaun Frank have had “Shades Of Grey” in the cooker for some time now despite Frank being a mysterious contributor up until just over a month or so ago.

The silence was broken when Heldens first posted the promo for the song’s release with Shaun among it’s featurings. Then again, it might not have been hard to backtrack the tune to the young Torontonian; if one closely listened to the song’s climax, one would be able to clearly hear his funky impression. But as vivid as Shaun Frank’s sound is, this was a team effort, as Oli helped in providing depth through the multiple layers it took to create this piece. His influence comes in particularly through the progressions and regressions of the song’s structure; there you will find his signature melody of which the Future House pioneer is recognized for.

This review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the track’s impeccable vocals. Delaney Jane came into this project right on time in essence putting the musical cherry on the top. It is believed Shaun got her on board due to them already having worked together on his single with Borgeous. It’s a good thing he did as her crystal clear voice utterly completes the song, stunning all listeners in her wake.

There still remains two days before it’s official release and Shades Of Grey has already reached every crack and corner in dance music – most notably how it exploded the popular scenes of Ultra Miami & Coachella. If we sat here and named dropped artists who have played and supported it, we’d have ourselves the most prestigious looking list one has ever seen. Instead, we’ll let you enjoy what might possibly be the song of the summer for yourselves!