Is there a better way to kick off 2017 with a track that has been floating around the internet since early 2016? Simon Alex and AK9 will be premiering their new festival anthem ‘Badlands’ on Tom Staar’s record label, Staar Traxx. The record starts off a bit slow, but the beat builds gradually to a stomping medley of snares and almost a war cry vocal, which releases the driving beat to the break down. The horn riff serves almost as revelry to the inevitable sonic explosion of the crescendo where a full array of percussion and vocal stabs join together to deliver a massive moment in any DJ set. If you’re still thinking about how well the track will be received amongst dance music lovers, watch Steve Angello’s Tomorrowland Brasil set from 2016 and your opinion will instantly change. ‘Badlands’ will be available on January 27th exclusively through Beatport!