Zurich’s best indie dance producer, Nora en Pure has been releasing ground-breaking records that have hit Beatport’s top 10 tracks, along with over 20 million plays on Spotify. Sound and Noize sat down to discuss, Nora’s #Purified radio mix, recap from ADE, up and coming artists to discover, new music and so much more!

1) It has been 5 years since your track  ‘Come With Me’ released. After setting a groundbreaking record of 20 million plays, can we expect another similar track to release with some of the same house-y vibes?

Well I have worked on and released many tracks that have a similar vibe to it. Right now I have been finishing a deeper club track called “Trailblazer” that will be released in December.

2) What can we expect when listening to your next #purified hour-long mix?

The latest Purified episode is built up with very spheric tracks, which I love! Maybe for the next one I will return to a more funky selection. Who knows 😉 Always depends on what listeners suggest to me and what releases we have on the labels.

3) Wrapping up a long week in Amsterdam for ADE – what musical techniques have you learnt? What is ADE normally made for? Have you showcased new music to your fans?

Playing once more in Switzerland this Saturday at @globullclub

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There’s definitely a lot going on at ADE but I think the essential part is the networking. It’s mainly for the industry, so as a label or agency you cant miss this event. I had played at two events, the Heldeep and Spinnin Deep parties and seen a lot of friends from around the world so that’s always fun.

4) What new music have you been playing in your sets? Who are your favourite artists at the moment? Is there any new and up coming talents we should know about that deserve a spotlight?

I have played quite a lot of new music recently as I have a couple of unfinished tracks and I test them every now and then. Other than my own stuff I really enjoy quite a bit of Anjunadeep players like Yotto & Elke Kleijn as well as Dee Montero, OC Verde and for groovier stuff I love many of the Camelphat tracks.

5) What is a classic Nora En Pure sound? How would you describe your music?

I would describe it as soulful, pure and raw. It aims to evoke sort of a wanderlust and touch listeners deeply.

6) Where are you touring next? Any exciting venues you’re looking forward to?

I am always on tour. All the shows that are coming up are ones I look forward to. I can’t wait to be back in Australia for a couple of shows and back in LA is always fun, this time with Lee Foss at the Fonda theatre.

7) Any new collaborations / tracks / EP / Albums in the making for 2018? What are your short term & long term goals personally and musically?

Definitely! Apart from the next single I really hope to get my new EP out there soon, and an album is something that I would love to do when I find the time. This year has been amazing for me, as I have played some places I never even dreamed of playing, like Coachella and Tomorrowland… I hope that this will continue in the future, and to reach even more people with my own Purified events would be really cool.

8) Playing in the heart of Old Montreal’s St – James hotel, what kind of set can we expect tonight?

If you check out my Purified Radio Show, you’ll get an idea of what to expect. It’s hard to know exactly what I will play, as that always depends on the crowd and how they react. I usually do a mix of what I think the crowd wants, a good amount of original Nora En Pure sound and new things I want to play.