2016 was an epic year for my music tastes. I expanded my preferences in several genres and listened to some of the best sets of my life. Here are my selections for my favorite moments of the year. Tracks, sets, podcasts, anything goes.

Markus Schulz Live at Stereo Montreal (All Night Long)

This 10 hour set recorded from the legendary nightclub Stereo Montreal features a favorite, Markus Schulz. His fourth time playing Open to Close, this set features a progressive intro, uplifting trance and then it goes ‘down the rabbit hole’ for hours of dark techno, signature of Markus Schulz’ Tech Trance moniker, Dakota. One of the hottest sets I’ve ever witnessed live. Few DJs combine so many genres and make it flow as well as Markus does. 

Part 1 Part 2

Carl Cox Live at Space Ibiza Closing Party

Space Ibiza’s closing marked the end of a dance music era. The signature Ibiza nightclub hosted who else but the legend himself, Carl Cox for a massive closing set. Easily one for the ages. 

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

deadmau5 – Snowcone

No one really questions deadmau5′ skill in the studio. His latest album, W:/2016ALBUM is a testament to that, showing his style and versatility. One track in particular stands out as one of his most creative to date. Snowcone is a fusion of Hip Hop, Dubstep, and a bunch of other styles with a deadmau5 twist. Give it a listen!


Drumcode Radio Episode 300

Adam Beyer’s Drumcode Radio podcast  is by far one of the most popular dance music podcasts. The episode reached a new milestone hitting its 300th episode back in July. This special episode features Bart Skils, Paul Ritch, Ida Engberg, Sam Paganini and a 2 hour excerpt from Adam Beyer, all taken live at Awakenings Antwerp. Some major tracks from some of Drumcode’s hottest talents. Give this one a listen multiple times to put you in the techno mood.

Drumcode Radio Episode 300

Lane 8 Mixtapes

Few producers have burst on the scene as effective as Lane 8 has. His vast amount of tours, under AnjunaDeep and his own “This Never Happened” tour, have made his style of relaxed, melodic House music high in demand. These mixtapes are the perfect example of Lane 8’s vision for dance music, and a new favorite among my friends and I. Check out the seasonal mixtapes:

Fall Mixtape 2016   Winter Mixtape 2016

Cirez D BBC 1 Essential Mix

The Cirez D BBC Essential Mix was a set long anticipated by Eric Prydz’ fan base. Following a crazy year of production in 2015 under his Eric Prydz name, he promised much more Cirez D to come in 2016. This essential mix delivered exactly what his fans wanted to hear. Tons and tons of IDs. 

Cirez D BBC Essential Mix

Johannes Brecht & Christian Prommer – Voix Grave (Johannes Brecht Version)

This track has made so much noise in the Techno scene. Johannes Brecht and Christian Prommer’s ‘Voix Grave’ is such a unique approach to dance music. It’s dark and mellow, ominous and hard-hitting. It blends elements of classical music with notes from a cello, adding a new dimension to the sharp melody. Truly one of the most sensational tracks of the year for me and many others.

Voix Grave

Aly & Fila Meets Roger Shah & Susana – Unbreakable

This year has truly been a year of techno for me. But every now and then I still drift back to Trance to revisit the classics and see what’s new with the scene. I came across this track awhile ago and it has completely taken me. Goes to show that some people still keep with the Trance. You really can’t go wrong with Aly & Fila and Roger Shah: these guys have been doing it for ages. Contrary to popular belief, Trance has never died. 

Aly & Fila Meets Roger Shah & Susana – Unbreakable