Marco Santoro was born in Lecce, Italy, a place not at all known for its music, but its rich history. Marco Santoro is here to change that. Growing up, he began to DJ alongside his friends, more of a fun experiment than a determined goal. However over time, as his skills improved, so did his desire to turn it into something. Listening to DJs like DJ Gregory, Roger Sanchez and a slew of French DJs made him realize this was the path he wanted.

Since 2012, Marco Santoro has been producing pretty serious Tech House. Sometimes he goes for more uplifting House jams, other times he gets into tribal. Either way, it’s got tons of groove and techno to it, making it a style many can appreciate. His sets have a particular flavor to them, especially when he incorporates acapellas into the mix; one of his signature styles.

During the summer time, Santoro hits the beach clubs, with residencies at RioBo Club and Samsara Beach in Gallipoli. Winter time he switches to hot spots around Italy, and the occasional venture into the Miami sun in Florida. The demand for his style and shows are high, and he is always travelling to new gigs where he’s ready to apply his craft.

New releases on Cube Recordings, and potential releases on Sosumi have got Marco Santoro hyped for the new year. Be sure to check him out on all his socials and stay in the loop!

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