Out now on Beatport is DCR193 EP. Featuring 2 monster collabs between Green Velvet, Layton Giordani and of course Adam Beyer, this EP brings 2 more club bangers to the dance floor.

Track 1, the self-titled “Space Date” features the all-star collab. The track combines the sounds and styles of all 3 headliners into one complete club banger. You’ve got the heavy kicks for Beyer’s part, the voice of Green Velvet (along with some added spacey funk), and Giordani’s style of melodic synths to complete the beat. Definitely a solid track that fits in any Drumcode-style Techno set. The more you listen to it, the more the melody really grows on you.

Track 2, “Rome Future” is another one with Giordani at the helm. While it definitely doesn’t have the flash of some other Drumcode tracks, this one still boasts a lot of consistency. All the sounds and samples flow super smooth, and you’ve got a driving beat that starts off strong and doesn’t let up until the end.

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