Steve Angello’s upcoming album, ‘Wild Youth’ has already created much anticipation and excitement, with songs like Children of the Wild and Remember feat. The Presets headlining the album. What has been in the works for over three years, had finally had a release date for January 22nd, until a recent interview with Angello, where he explained the album’s complications and his decision to split the album into two parts.

I’ve decided to split my album and do chapters, where we have a pre-order that releases a couple of tracks. Then we go into a chapter of the album, which is going to be half the album. Then we present six videos, then we go into the second half, then we go with six other videos.

No doubt there’s something serious in the works for the album to be split like this. Steve Angello is one of the biggest veterans in the scene, so a delay on the album has got to mean something big.

Pre-Order the first chapter of ‘Wild Youth’ here!