Nick and Brian are two best friends who have known each other for ages. Both born and raised in The Hague, Netherlands, they took up loving music at a young age. One friend of theirs, a man by the name of Stan from the island of Bonaire (Caribbean Islands), became a mentor to them and showed them the magic of music. Stan acted as a major catalyst for the future duo, teaching them to appreciate all styles of music, from reggae to trance. After his departure back to the islands, Nick and Brian realized they could follow this dream and become electronic producers. And so their musical journey together began, eventually creating the name TwinTonez.

Eventually finding their groove in production, TwinTonez take a unique inspiration from the world. The music of indigenous people all over the world. Their latest track, ‘Yukon’ shows this appreciation for native Americans in far northern Canada. Kryder, Tom Staar and Eddie Thoneick are some of the producers who motivate them with their music.

Their music style is quite unique for an EDM duo. They mix together many elements from House to form their own groove/tribal style. Their music is accessible to a wide audience and has a familiar EDM feel to it for those who want it, but brings something truly special. Their sets replicate this style, and they currently play all over the Netherlands, mostly in small clubs with an intimate crowd. For awhile they maintained a residency at a local club as well.

“We always try to give a certain feeling in our music. Just like in trance music, we try to show a certain emotion around our tracks. We always come up with a theme or a compelling story and try to translate that into music”

TwinTonez have been heating up. Their latest track ‘Yukon’ has received international attention, and major support from fans and DJs alike. Their goal is to produce more tracks with that awesome atmosphere they brough with ‘Yukon’.This is one of their many milestones they will achieve during their career. No doubt they’ll have many more stories to tell in their future!

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