Starting out of Stockholm Sweden are two guys who see EDM in a different light. Carl and Guillaume are the minds behind Dirty Twist, and having been producing music for 8 and 4 years respectively, they’ve got enough tips and tricks to get the job done. What started off as a fun project between the two has turned into something serious and real, as they combine groove and melodic elements to make their sounds.

“As most people know it’s cold [in Sweden] and winter a bigger part of the year, but when the summer finally comes it’s fantastic!”

Like Sweden’s party scene, Dirty Twist erupts during the summer with new material and shows to play at. This summer there’s a lot of opportunity in Europe, and they’re both eager to announce the shows they have planned for the mainland. Perhaps the biggest treat for them is to finally be playing abroad together as Dirty Twist!

“We’re always trying to do something unique in all our tracks and if you listen to our music you will hear some elements that we frequently use.”

With so much experience under their belts, the duo has been working on finding new techniques and sounds to add to their repertoire. Tons of experimental sounds are fiddled with and toyed as they build on the music that they love.

In Sweden, the summer is where things get serious. Committing to this state of mind, Dirty Twist have been preparing during the winter, for a major push into the scene this summer. Tons of gigs, collabs and solo tracks are hot and ready for release, making Dirty Twist a name to remember for this summer!


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