Born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel Guy Mantzur gives us a comprehensive view on his music career. The Israeli native gained inspiration through traveling, watching films, listening to different genres of music and adapting to many cultures. A big aspect of his inspiration stems from his Burning Man experiences. The life-changing festival has brought lots of new ideas that grew into his music process. Artists such as:  Pink Floyd, Neil Young , Dylan Air , Massive Attack , Portishead, David August, Koze , Guy j , Dave DK and more have touched my inspirational development”.

According to Guy, it is very hard to pin-point a specific genre that he produces. His music is defined as tech-house, groove, deep melodies and a progressive attitude. While playing live sets, Guy enjoys mashing up all genres that he enjoys.

May is looking bright for this superstar. He will be traveling all over the globe. To places like Morocco, Netherlands, Israel, France and Spain. Each week is a different adventure for Guy. This summer, he will be spending half his summer in Ibiza for the hot season alongside touring in the USA for his Burning Man show, Brazil, Morocco, India and more.

With an overwhelming schedule as such, the artist doesn’t relax. “I’m not that kind of guy who knows how to chill , relax , take my time without doing nothing. I have to be on top of things, and manage to keep my self on the highway of life. lucky me i have my wife and child who  balanced me”. Guy is currently in the process of producing many tracks that are going to be released on some of his favourite labels. Lot’s of new music and shows are up his ally. Make sure to always stay posted with Guy Mantzur and his jet-setting life.