Mondays aren’t so bad after, not when you have Tchami in the mix at least. The Future House kingpin returns with yet another tremendous track; sadly though this one isn’t officially released yet.

Regardless, “Missing You” is too good to simply wait on primarily because it exposes Tchami’s talents in full. For instance, the songs tempo is otherworldly, colliding the slow and the fast in seamless transition. It’s vocal section is tranquil, leaving us with blissful tastes of what we expect to be a calm song, wrong. The Frenchmen pulls a u-turn of sound with little hesitation, throwing us into hype mode upon drop.

It speaks volumes to Bresso’s drafting abilities as he teamed up with LA’s very own AC Slater. Despite the overall flow sounding rather Tchami’s influenced, the track wouldn’t be the track without AC’s garage inspired detailing, something that takes full effect within the course of the breakdown. Apart from that, the most standout part of Missing You might in fact be it’s vocals. Joining forces with a familiar face, Kaleem Taylor supplies the voice to another Tchami original, after all, their last collaboration [Promesses] was undeniably the hottest track around at the beginning of this year.

Through it’s silky smooth lyrics and pumping beat, Missing You is soundly a summer smash, burning up dancefloors all over and leaving fans waiting in agony to get a copy for themselves.