Loco & Jam have been very relevant in the Techno world as of late. As such, we at SoundandNoize are very fortunate to provide you with our latest Discover about them!

These two talented DJ/Producers have put North Ireland Techno on the map. Coming out of a very small town, Ballykelly just outside of Derry, they began from humble beginnings and are in the process of establishing their names in the industry.

When they started out, the big names were motivating them right out the gates. Carl Cox, Christian Varela, Laurent Garnier and Adam Beyer were all releasing mixes and tracks that were making waves in the industry. Shortly after, Loco & Jam decided to make some waves of their own.

“Watching all these artists DJing in our late teens is what inspired us to be DJs. We new to get to that level production was the next step to be able to do that.”

Their production careers began in their early teens. After playing around with the technology for a couple years, they began to produce music of serious professional quality. What started out as a hobby would quickly become something more. So much so, that they were good enough to get signed. Since then, well, they’ve been signed A LOT more. Their latest release under Suara, has seen some incredible coverage, being featured in many Techno gurus’ sets including Adam Beyer and Carl Cox. If you listen to Techno, chances are you’ll recognize their stuff.

Loco & Jam have put their name on the map. That much is evident from all the shows they’ve played. From Argentina, Sweden, Hungary, Austria and coming up between now and NYE they have shows in Northern Ireland, Germany, South Africa, Peru and USA. They’ve been relevant in the festival scene since 2010. Highlights from the scene include when they performed at Fiesta De Disfraces in Parana, Argentina in front of 70,000 people.

They also have a bi-weekly residency at one of North Ireland’s best clubs at Kelly’s. They recently finished up a show there alongside Pig & Dan and Marco Faraone.

Loco & Jam are so successful because they’ve developed their own style.

“When we get in the studio we aim to make a track thats gonna take the roof off a club or destroy a festival.. What we like to call our style is Stadium Techno.”

This year has been an incredible one for the North Irish duo. Their EP on Suara (Acid Control) has all 3 tracks on the Beatport top 100. The tracks have continued to climb the charts, only proving that they’re here to stay.

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