Joining forces in the underground dance music industry, what stemmed your interest in this genre? 
We were always drawn to the idea of being able to share different elements of ourself with an audience that is dancing and having a good time while also having the opportunity to be a part of something bigger, the party in general.

Best describe your sound. How is it different from any other artist?
Every artist has their own methods. If you are patient and knowledgable plus put a lot of effort behind your music and you perform it well, there’s a good chance you will create something that is authentic and unique. We think we’ve found a good niche and a way to express ourselves in an original way. 
Your new EP ‘Sound Test’ has more of a progressive touch. Where did you get the inspiration to create these three tracks? 
We’ve been playing quite a few peak time sets in the last year, and so this EP is heavily influenced by our approach to playing this time slot; more big room sounds filled with a lot of energy.

What are your goals for the rest of 2019? Where will you be traveling / playing? 
Our goals for the year are to keep on doing stuff we like and to continue to work and challenging ourselves. Finessing and performing our live show is definitely a big goal too and we just finished recording our third album which we’re really looking forward to releasing with the world.
Travel wise, there are many gigs and shows coming up around the world for us. We just came back from Vietnam where we did the 2nd edition of our Trips project. Trips is a concept which sees us go to different countries and record a local artist, do workshops with kids, play some gigs and also shoot film. We will be releasing this one with k7records and then putting the income from the record back into the local community. We did our first Trips project in Africa. 
As you can see we’re very excited about a lot of things in the works for this year!

What type of set will you be playing at Life and Death x Sonar?
This Friday for Life and Death x Sónar we’ll be playing a lot of new music: some things from Vietnam, some acid bombs and many other groovy and psychedelic sounds. You’ll just have to come down and hear it for yourself…