Of course we we’re going to do a write up on a collaboration between two of our favourite products to come into the dance world in the past year. This isn’t undiscovered grounds for Corey James & Will K, in fact, the two are making quite the habit of working together, having produced remix’s for AN21 & Max Vangeli‘s “Tonight” along with Walden & Havana Brown‘s “No Ordinary Love”. Now, the duo have decided to tackle something more meaningful by creating an original piece rather than remixing the work of others.

It’s called “Tenpaku” and even though we’re not quite sure what the meaning behind the word signifies (yes, we even Google translated), we do know this, the tune is a Progressive House enthusiast’s dream come true. So many factors contribute to the making of this track; a background of brief “eh’s & ah’s” mixed together with the predominant “Tenpaku” snip to fill in for vocals, a southern infused drumline that punches in at just the right time, and a sweet percussion that tops it all off.  All in all, the totality of it embraces a theme, one that makes you want to get up and jump to the song’s energy.

Tenpaku is a Sosumi Records release and is now freely available to the public!