Baron Massilia is a man from Marseilles, France who lets the music guide him. Regardless of genre or style, he produces the music that fits his mood. There’s no barriers or limitations to what he wants. Since he began producing, all kinds of musicians and artists have inspired him to produce, including names like Daft Punk and Danny Tenaglia, to AC/DC. It’s a wide range of musical appreciation that allows his style to be very versatile.For dance music, he’s produced genres all across the spectrum, from House and Tech House to Trap and Electro Funk. Oh, and he’s been doing it for 20 years.

“I think that one can identify my songs thanks to the color of sound that I seek in the studio. I pass hundreds of hours of my time to search, and finding extreme frequencies to apply”

There are few producers as crafty and as dedicated as he is. The amount of time he puts into his studio work would be considered very intense by normal producers standards. In fact, he doesn’t play very many shows, because he prefers the life of a producer. Some clubs in Marseilles have hosted him, and he’s had the honor of performing at 3 consecutive gay pride events.

Baron Massilia lets his music speak through his passions. Listening to several of his tracks, you can note the wide variety of sounds employed. Wild samples, sweeping synths, big, hammering drops, all compliment his versatile tracks. No matter what genre or style you appreciate: if you’re a DJ, his tracks are tons of hidden gems waiting to be played in nightclubs world wide, for simple fans of dance music the Baron has something for you as well.

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