It all goes back to one moment for Crusy. That moment was back in 2009, the first time he touched a turn table, following his friend’s suggestion to try it.

“It was something completely new for me, to play music without silence between the tracks”

Learning how to spin was the first step. The next was realizing the only way to achieve the kind of tracks and the ebb and flow of a set that he wanted was to produce his own music. Though Armin van Buuren served as an early influence, it wasn’t the type of music he wanted to deliver to listeners. Switching to a more House style, artists such as Steve Angello helped inspire him find his path into music production and the sound he wanted. Flash forward to today, and Crusy is producing all kinds of genres, but his personal preference falls into House and Progressive House. When he’s not cooped up in a studio producing, he is often driving around in his BMW.

“I am a big big fan of cars, especially BMW, I love to drive to relax!”

In the past, Crusy has had some awesome gigs, included being a part of a big time House movement called Pumpingland, focused out of Poland, and has also performed with his fellow Sosumi DJs at the Sosumi Records Party in Miami during Miami Music Week. This summer will be massive for Crusy, who has several gigs lined up. With venues booked in Spain, Ibiza and Mallorca, it surely will be a breakthrough summer. Perhaps the event he’s most excited for is one with fellow producer Jose de Mara, where they will be playing a back to back set at Story in Madrid.

Just through listening to Crusy’s tracks are you able to hear the skill involved in production, and how unique he is. His new track, ‘Okay’ with Abel Ramos, is a groovy House beat full to the brim with bustling sounds and styles. To date, his milestone moment has been when Steve Angello supported and endorsed his first track, ‘Bangkok’, released on Sosumi.

I worked with Jose very very hard on this track and his support made us feel really proud of the track, it was an amazing moment!”

With two fresh tracks signed, Crusy has a lot going on in the future. His preparations for the Amsterdam Dance Event have begun. All things aside, the future is looking bright for Crusy!

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