Ramon Tapia is a Chilean producer born in Terneuzen, Holland. His rich family history involved his father fleeing the Chilean dictatorship, immigrating to Holland where he met his mother. Out of terror and into the good life, you might say. Ramon’s studies brought him to Antwerp, a place he still calls home to this day.

Musical production was introduced to him through a friend. They’d spend long hours experimenting and playing around with settings, creating music. After a time, Ramon realized he wasn’t able to put his creative ideas in his head into something concrete with the music he and his friend were producing. After that point, he branched off and began learning the craft on his own.

“Making music was and is still highly addictive, for me”

In 1998, he released his first solo record, in a time where the industry was still rapidly growing, and genres were still being figured out. His style back then was heavily influenced by so many names, many of which never made it as big as some of the greats, but still influenced the scene nonetheless. Artists like Quincy Jones and Kraftwerk provided lots of motivation to his work, as well as some old school Techno guys like Steve Stoll, Dave Clarke, and the old Chicago posse: DJ Funk and DJ Attack. It’s been 20 years since his first release, and he’s come a long way.

“[…] to this day I enjoy it, maybe sometimes on the edge of madness, but yeah I guess you have to be a little cray in this business”.

Under his Ramon Tapia alias, he produces Tech-House mainly. However, since he’s constantly in studio creating music, he’s created several monikers for himself. One such alias is his Amari name, aimed at producing deeper, melodic and progressive sounds. Under Amari, he’s had releases under Bedrock, and soon All Day I Dream. under his own name, he’s finishing up his second installment under Knee Deep In Sound, and another under his own label, Say What?. Tons of remixes and collabs are always in the process of being released as well! With all kinds of productions under multiple tier 1 labels, you know that Ramon is bringing something good to the table.

Tapia has got gigs coming up all over the place. Upcoming shows are set in places like Guatemala, Dubai, Beirut, Zurich, and he’s recently just finished an Australia-New Zealand tour! He’s also got shows closer to home, in Belgium at festivals Sungrooves, Aftersun, Outsiders and Floorfiller. This summer is much like his other summers, as he usually is travelling everywhere to play! Perhaps his milestone moment is when he was asked to play at Carl Cox’s Revolution party in Greece, a point in his life he considers a turning point.

Ramon Tapia is the shining example of how it doesn’t take a legendary name to achieve success in the industry. Backed by his passion to create and determined work effort, he’s reached international recognition status, has a demand for his creative style, and is making a living off doing what he loves. And that my friends, is why Ramon Tapia is living the dream.

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