German’s capital Berlin, was split in between east and west separating the capitalist ideology from the socialist. The Metropolitan membrane was standing strong from August 1961 until November 9th– three decades ago, when the Berlin wall fell down. In the 80’s, Berlin was a Mecca for “different-thinking” people. The music scene was very radical at the time and the new wave music generation did not fit into society’s norms. However, they created their own world for music to express their creativity. 

When the wall fell, it helped grow the underground techno scene. Suddenly, there were thousands of young people from the former GDR celebrating freedom! 

According to sources:  “Techno music in Berlin was political and totally against the system. Most places or clubs had no license or any contract, so it was all illegal — everybody could do it with a sound-system and some DJs. The alliance of American techno producers and DJs was born at Tresor — they booked DJs from Detroit, Chicago or NYC. The music was new and revolutionary.  Underground resistance (Jeff Mills, Mad Mike, Robert Hood) had a big impact on everybody in Berlin. The Berlin-Detroit connection was very strong and influenced everybody involved.

“East and West people were creating a new musical and political haven of electronic music and nightlife which today rules the world of techno. Techno was exploding in Berlin and the unification took force all over. East people became DJs, bouncers or dealers, and brought in a wave of unstoppable power — the party hasn’t ended since 1989.”