Here’s a great Discover this week. This man rose from the Baghdad, Iraq, and proved his worth into an increasingly difficult scene. I’m talking about Saeed Younan.

Saeed had always been into groovy music. Early House music producers such as Danny Tenaglia, Carl Cox, DJ Icey, Cevin Fisher and Craig Richards, showed him the skill and styles that made House music relevant. From this, he learned to find his own style, focusing on what could be called “The Raw Beat”: the bass lines and the percussion. Anything from Funky Tech House to Techno.

He began his professional career with an E.P. on Strictly Rhythm’s sister label, Gossip Records in 1994. Eventually, he ended up quitting his full time job at AOL, to pursue a career into DJing and production. It’s been over 20 years of steady production since then, and that decision has forever remained a milestone.

“I have a unique way of blending and morphing sounds and elements together to create a certain vibe with my live sets. Hard to put in words, It’s something you have to experience”

Saeed’s constantly on the road touring. There’s no doubt about his demand for shows. Future shows can all be found on his site, at Some of his notable achievements include EDC, Ultra Music Festival on the Resistance stage, BPM Festival 7 years in a row, and the funky Electric Forest. He’s also played in an old bull-fighting ring in the Azores, which was really cool!

2018 will be a massive year for him. He’s in the process of developing a full length album, as well as continuing his label, Younan Music. His relaunch/shocase is upcoming, with the title “Join the Tribe”, so there’s that he’s looking forward to as well.

Be sure to follow him on all his socials, for the latest in this groovy producer from the Middle East, who delivers the raw beat.

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