Coming from the land rich in culture and beautiful weather is Olin Batista. The 20 year old, native from Rio de Janeiro has been playing music since the tender age of 12, starting off with DJing and later working his way into production. Taking early inspiration from old school Trance music, Tribal and House the young Brazilian tries to mix the styles all together whenever he produces a track, satisfying his broad tastes.

Olin’s career in dance music began at 15, when he started DJing clubs and shows. Some of Brazil’s hottest venues and shows all had Olin’s name in the lineup, including Green Valley, Sirena, Paradise Weekend, Privilege, Confraria and Bielle.

“I played at the best clubs and festivals in Brazil and I really enjoyed every moment of it, but as the years passed and electronic dance music became so big worldwide, I felt I needed to evolve myself to the next level”

So he began, applying his mixing skills in the production studio in 2013, producing bootlegs and mashups but nothing he felt was concrete enough to be released on a professional level. A year later, still DJing and touring North America, he got his big opportunity, impressing Dave Grutman at his nightclub ‘Story’, who suggested playing at LIV immediately following his set. Landing some serious gigs in the North American night life scene gave Olin the inspiration he needed to push himself in studio and take his career to the next level.

After receiving a new manager, Viktor Franko (IM Management), he was set him on a new path, taking a step back from touring and focusing on building an international profile. And so, thousands of hours were spent in studio, tweaking and toying as is required of every producer, learning the ins and outs of all the most important systems and plugins that create electronic music.

It’s an extremely hard process, really hard to learn. I wanted to give up a lot of time, I felt a lot of time that I get lost on the way, but in these moments you have to push yourself even harder”

After a 2 year hiatus from DJing, Olin is back behind the decks, and 2016 is going to be huge for him. His first official track, titled “Luma”, was released on Kryder’s ‘Sosumi Records’ and set a first for the record label, having received 11,000 plays in the first 48 hours. The track is still receiving playtime all over the world.

Coming back into DJing, Olin’s career is ready for takeoff. This summer has the next steps already laid out for him, as a monthly radio show ‘Spirit Of Sound’ is set to kick off, as well as finishing off a bootleg of Daft Punk – ‘High Life’, which is expected to be released shortly. What he is most looking forward to though, is meeting the hearts and minds in the music industry, building relationships and working with labels to help get out the sound he’s looking for.

Olin Batista’s a passionate guy, living the dream and feeling the emotion everyone who has ever danced to the music feels. His sets provide energy and passion, making it one to remember. Be sure to catch him this summer whenever you get a chance to, to witness a set from someone who absolutely loves what they do, and is sure to stay in the scene for years to come!

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