Music allows the soul to set free. Music is the harmony of sounds, coming from the depth of one creative spirit, to bring people together in the present moment and allow them to let go of consciousness. It is expression of the unconscious and creation of a vibrant energy that resonates from the ears to the soul, synchronizes our metaphysical frequencies and allows the mind to wander. We can experience a form of awakening as we let our true selves deeply feel the rhythm and simply dance into the moment. Applying this principle to every aspect of ourselves allow us to live freely and elevate our minds, aligning all of our energies and finding wisdom in harmony.

Spring is the season for rebirth and blossom, and Sound and Noize aspires for spirtual growth. We will be sharing other forms of mindfulness to find one that harmonizes with your soul, as well as testimonies from yoga coaches, meditative instructors, and reiki healers to guide you through your own journey inward. Our civilized brains have been programmed to deny our instinctive needs to suit societal needs, but we can unprogram these thought processes and let our spirit flourish as we return to a natural state. Every next week will focus on one of the four natural elements that make us whole and explore related healing practices. From sharing Pranayama breathing techniques using the air that surrounds us, and how to benefit from burning and smudging using the fire that bring us light, to herbal healing of the earth that is our home and the water that gives us life. Once we let go of our ego and become one with the eco, we can get the most out of our bodily senses and use sensory experiences to be mindful.

This new segment is not a class nor a religion that dictates right from wrong, but a process of perpetual growth that promotes good vibes only, as always. It is an exchange of energy aiming to generate goodness upon the earth and fill your soul with kindness like we can fill a room with music. We are one with the world and hope to bring you, and us, inner peace as we cultivate gratitude.

This is our mantra.