Sound and Noize sat down with nightlife gurus Adamo Mariani, Mykl Zadourian, Etienne Payette, Eric Petraglia and Angelo Capp to discuss their rise into Montreal’s nightlife scene. For the past 20 years, these friends, turned “brothers,” have all stuck together in a difficult industry where loyalty is hard to find. From promoting clubs, to opening up their own, and then expanding into other business projects, these 5 influential entrepreneurs have stuck together. Today, they are all joined as part owners of Somwhr Liquor Lounge – Montreal trendiest nightclub in the heart of Old Montreal. Let’s take a look at the stories of Adamo, Etienne, Eric, Angelo and Mykl.
 A partner in Somwhr Liquor Lounge and Matinee Brunch, alongside Mykl, Adamo is one of the most well known names in the Montreal nightlife community. Outside of the nightlife industry, he is also a well known real estate agent working under the Crown Real Estate umbrella. As part of M Immobilier, Adamo has projects all over the city in residential real estate. His social media presence and overall personality of schmoozing and networking is why he is so successful in every field he works in. He is a member of Sugar Ball and Kids for Kidsand recently spoke at the Influence MTL conference. Adamo is also a big supporter and active member of Families of SMA in honour of his cousin. Each year he helps with their Valentine’s Gala and recently climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in his honour to help raise funds and awareness for SMA. Constantly working hard and taking on new projects, the sky is the limit for Adamo Mariani.
Mykl is also a partner in Somwhr Liquor Lounge and Matinee Brunch. Working the closest with Adamo on both of those projects, Mykl has been a staple in Montreal nightlife for what feels like forever. Hosting his own nights at many clubs, currently most known for an old school hip hop night at Confessional, Mykl is always thinking of new ideas to expand his brand. In charge of marketing and strategic planning for Somwhr and Matinee, Mykl books DJs, handles the artwork on flyers and is always looking to keep all of his nightlife brands above the curve. He is a true trendsetter in Montreal nightlife.
Etienne, also an owner at Somwhr, works closely with Mykl on his other baby, Le Confessional. Believing in a true structured team, Etienne preaches consistency and that one must learn the job from the bottom. Starting off his career as a busboy, he started off cleaning dishes, eventually getting a job at a bar by the age of 18. Working at the bar helped establish himself with an older audience, one that was deeply embedded in the industry. In turn that helped him further progress into the nightlife scene.
Now we get to Angelo and Eric, two of the best operating managers in Montreal. Partners for almost twenty years, Angelo and Eric began their careers throwing  underground parties, which eventually lead them to opening up their first supperclub together, Macaroni Bar. In it’s time, Macaroni Bar was the place to go. Since selling their baby, Angelo and Eric opened Somwhr and Parma Café, a new Italian Cafe on Bishop street in downtown Montreal. At both locations, Angelo and Eric are extremely hands on in staffing and daily maintenance of the actual location. Without these two, the doors wouldn’t be able to open and the floor would not run as smoothly. Known for their craft, Angelo and Eric consult on other projects as well, most recently, Kampai Garden. Although humble, these two are recognized as two of the most valuable names in the Montreal nightlife industry.
In short, these five men joined together to open up their vision of Somwhr Liquid Lounge. Constantly laughing and joking, their brotherhood is unique and oh so special. Their bond is true and very obvious to pick up on. Their support for each other’s other projects is rare to see and quite nice in an industry that is so cut throat and demanding. Loyalty is hard to find in the nightlife scene and these guys have found it. They are more than friends, they are a BROTHERHOOD.