As promised, Harry Bass & Jonnie Macaire have delivered the sequel off of the initiative they established last May. Their claim to create a track a month for twelve months hasn’t faltered as their newest work entitled “Collide” just reached the masses. The tune is to be catalogued under the groups very own label largely recognized as “Release Records”. Being the first project after their incredible debut track “Alive”, Collide was something that had to live up to the labels hype — luckily for TP, we think that was once again achieved.

The tune breaks off from what the duo first presented to us in their Pryda-inspired track of May. Instead, Collide grabs June by the horns – resembling something more expected out of the SIZE Record affiliates. In fact, the song seemingly sounds like it could have been manifested in one of Steve Angello’s labs; thankfully there remains a specific touch reassuring us that the Third Party signature is present.

Perhaps that touch is the resonating build-up that sends off ripples of fluctuating sound. Maybe its it’s exulting lyrics pushed by the great Daniel Gidlund. One thing is absolute in all of this, Collide has success written all over it. If the next 10 months hold the same value as the last two have for Harry & Jo, expect to get an earful of sensational sounds for a long time coming!

Collide is available come Wednesday June 17th, 2015 on all platforms