Tiger Stripes brings us his first release under Hot Creations. The 3 track EP (+1 remix) brings more of his funky techy sound to light.

The first track, the self titled “Jack My Yum” brings an old school Housey beat, reminiscent of 2009 David Guetta style. The groovy beat, and exotic voice samples make this one super fun and funky.

Track 2, Haunted, is where things get a little darker. Right away, the beat and bass are much heavier. The melody also sort of feel like a veil is pulled over you for the duration of the track. It puts you in a sort of trance. But a groovy trance.

Track 3 is Dunjacka. Equally as funky as the other tracks, Dunjacka is an uptempo House jam with lots of groovy sounds hitting you at odd and unexpected moments.

Another groovy EP from Tiger Stripes, and his first under Hot Creations! Get it now on Beatport!