This week’s Discover features one of the most experienced DJs we’ve yet to have, Daddy’s composed of two producers, Carlo Grieco and Peppe Folliero. Originating out of Naples, in Italy, the duo produce their music there together, and Carlo travels and takes the DJ duties. Originally a trio, this experienced duo has been in the scene far longer than most, and have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Daddy’s Groove has played at some of the hottest venues and festivals, including Ministry of Sound , Las Vegas’ Marquee, and Tomorrowland’s main stage alongside EDM’s hottest talents. With 3 world tours under their belt, and a fourth along the way, there’s no questioning their status in the industry.

Their production is crisp. Having been in the scene so long, they know all the tips and tricks to get the sounds they want. Several of their tracks have reached the Beatport charts, including ‘Stellar’, ‘Vertigo’ and ‘Tilt’. Their latest track, ‘Tribe’ featuring the vocals of Steve Biko, is almost at the point of 200k listens on SoundCloud, and has a smooth, unique tribal flavour to it.

Daddy’s Groove have their music fatured in so many sets, by so many acclaimed artists and DJs, it should be no surprise as to their quality and talent. The duo knows what they want, and they translate that into the mixing and mastering part of production perfectly. It’s been a couple years that they haven’t slowed down in producing solid hits in the EDM world. With no signs of aging or laziness, it’s quite evident Daddy’s Groove will be here for years to come.


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