For several months we’ve known deadmau5 and Eric Prydz were getting together for Tomorrowland, but no one could anticipate it would be this huge. Recently, Tomorrowland has revealed an official Deadmau5 vs. Pryda stage, with DJs specializing in all varities of Techno and Progressive including Rezz, ATTLAS, Pig & Dan and Yotto. This vast selection of music and specialties will no doubt be THE stage to be at. Here’s a bit of analysis on each DJ under them, along with some of my favorite sets of theirs.

Adam Beyer & Ida Engberg

The hottest couple in the scene right now, recently married Adam Beyer and Ida Engberg show a chemistry together few can pull off. Their sets bounce off each other smoothly as they blend a vast variety of Techno, Tech House, Tribal, and tons of darker stuff. Sure to be one of the highlights of this stage!


Few people understand the ebb and flow of a DJ set more than Sasha does. Few people also have as much experience as him. Quite frankly, it is a completely pleasant surprise to see a legend such as Sasha on this stage. No one will bring as much flavor to this stage as he will.

Pig & Dan

Pig & Dan are the masters of darkness. Regulars on Adam Beyer’s Drumcode, these two will bring the stage to its darkest and lowest sound possible. Be ready for some filth, cause these guys know exactly how to bring the action.

Gregor Thresher

This man’s style falls perfectly into Pryda’s Techno ego, Cirez D, and will prove to be a fantastic appetizer for the show to come. Gregor knows how to blend in groovy with heavy dark techno to make a truly unique progressive, techno set.


Attlas makes some trippy techno stuff. His experimental sound is easy to get lost in. I’ve seen Attlas once at Stereo in Montreal, and I was completely blown away. Without a doubt, this man is the #1 underdog on this list. Despite being overshadowed by “bigger” names, be sure to catch this set, as I guarantee it will be perfection.


Omg Rezz! That’s right. The most badass DJ on this list is without a doubt Rezz. She lays down some hard and heavy stuff. What to call it though? Is it techno? Is it experimental. Sometimes it feels like dubstep. That’s the fun about Rezz, you never know what you’re going to get, but whatever she lays down is going to make you scrunch your face and bob your head.


Yotto is another surprise on this lineup. The Anjuna Deep star’s music has considerably lighter music than some of the other names, which gives him another case of “must see”. In case you’re tired of all the dark and heavy beats, Yotto will lift your spirits again with his chill, relaxed Techno (before being destroyed again by the rest of the names).

Last but not least, we have the headliners. deadmau5 vs. Eric Prydz. These two are quite familiar with each other, having put together a last minute set at Hard Day of The Dead several years ago. What’s great about these two is the synergy in their track selection. Eric and Joel have a certain vision of music and live sets, and while they’re completely different, they work together. Listen to their b2b at SiriusXM Lounge in Miami a few months ago, and realize that the best is yet to come!