The following record labels and artists have been on the top of their game and deserve a standing ovation for their recent track releases.


— — — 1) DEFECTED RECORDS — — —
A British independent record label specializing in house music recordings, events, artist booking, and management. Defected has released more than 500 singles that have had a significant impact on the house scene.

The label welcomed Obas Nenor with his release of  ‘My Intuition’. The track contains a funky percussion along with jazzy vocals by Jenny Penkin. Combined together with a deep bassline, this is a definition of a groovy house beat.

MK’s discography includes some of house music’s most popular anthems. These tracks range from worldwide chart hits to secret underground songs. MK released some of his biggest hits on Defected. For example, his remix of ‘Look Right Through’ by Storm Queen reached #1 in the UK Charts.

Josh Butler found his way back to Defected with his groovy new track featuring vocals by Boswell. ‘Be Somebody’ is an exceptional record that proves how much Josh has flourished with his musical achievements. It’s hard to forget about his collaboration with Kerri Chandler, remixes for Carl Cox and amazing world tour shows and sets.

Dennis Ferrer has been with Defected for over a decade and one of his tracks marked the big 500th release by the label. Outside of his own imprint Objektivity, Defected has provided a home to some of Ferrer’s biggest hits.

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 — — — 2) TOOLROOM RECORDS — — —
Toolroom is known internationally as one of the most innovative brands in the dance music industry. Established by producer Mark Knight and brother Stuart Knight in 2003. Since then the label has expanded into events, with Toolroom residencies and festival appearances all over the world.

Klangkuenstler returns to Toolroom with a follow up to his ‘House Nation’ EP entitled ‘Remember Way Back’ which includes 2 club cuts. His achievements include multiple chart-topping releases on Beatport including his recent remix of ‘Be’ which was in the top 3 in its first week of release. His tech house vibes are cleverly mixed to add a future kick to the past sounds everyone loves. Along with his mixes of drums and vocals, his hits become  timeless.

GotSome has been making a name for himself with chart-topping releases on Toolroom. His new track proves that his skyrocketing hits deserve to be on top. He has taken a classic house vocal and added a series of groovy tribal beats in order to successfully create this unique house beat that keeps the dancefloor full.

Jesse Perez debuted on Toolroom with ‘Daddy’. His blend of techy beats and dark influences always deliver the perfect sound that keep us wanting more. House lovers from all over the world can easily find just what they came for by listening to Jesse’s sets.


Chus L. Esteban and Pablo Ceballos joined forces with a goal to create a label consisting of artists with a common style and sound quality that would provide music for an international crowd. With no doubt, they achieved their goal by providing edgy music that is transmitted worldwide. Stereo Productions Group includes several sub-labels including Stereo, Stereo Cool, Almibar, Iberican Encodings, and Solar Music. As well as an Artists Management Company called Talento DJ Agency. Stereo Productions prides itself on being a trendsetter in the industry.

A radio and podcast show titled Stereo!RadioShow is led by Chus & Ceballos every week. Super talented house icons with years of experience attract countless listeners with their unforgettable music. The professionalism they provide is shown with the amount of dedication they input. In order to give the best quality of music for their fans from all over the world, they create unique beats that take us back in time. They are true fathers of the house that fans never want to move out of.

Paolo Martini’s career began over 30 years ago when he started spinning in clubs throughout Italy and exploring his ability as a producer. In ‘Love Hangover’ he wanted to make an EP with an authentic house vibe, however, he also wanted to add a taste of funk to it. In order to complete this delicious meal on the 5-star house menu, he served this successful baseline with a flavor that will never be forgotten.

Montel returns to Stereo Productions with a fresh EP containing two Tech House hits. ‘Can’t Stop’ and ‘Wherever You Go’ showcase Montel’s amazing production talent. His characteristic sounds are defined by energetic basslines effortlessly synchronizing with elegant beats. The outcome creates a chill vibe that can keep anyone company throughout the day.


— — — 4) SUARA— — —
This label holds its pride for staying loyal to real Techno and House music, along with some of the most innovative artists in the world of dance music. Suara knows that good music is timeless and time without good music is lost. With that said, Suara has been killing it with its new releases while spreading the love for tech house.

‘Binär Mieze’ EP is a split release with Citizen Kain & Kiko signing two huge tracks and Hidden Empire showing his strong techno side. Real techno heads are really going to appreciate these melodic hard sounds. Nevertheless, there are a couple of different music personalities featured here that can relate to the different depths of music preferences.

Coyu Edits provided a Suara flow with a variety of powerful techno cuts with edgy drums, low-frequency basslines, and sharp synth sequences. He used a freaky psychedelic beat for the Rafael Cerato track and intense speed up electronic bass for the Frank Kvitta track. He was also able to edit these tracks with a variety of his own styles, providing the best of both worlds for the tech house vibe.

Loco & Jam are an Irish Techno duo that is a perfect fit for the Suara sound. Their interpretation of house has a fast pace acid techno feel to it. They pay attention to the details of each chord and add melodic elements that set dancefloors on fire. The speed of this track has a cool flow that increases and intensifies the desire to move. The only thing that cannot be controlled is the crowd’s inability to stop dancing to this one.

Giorgia Angiuli returns to the kitties label with a completely new sound that might make you ‘Touch your Ghost’ after listening. Less is more, and quieter is louder is a great way to describe this rebellious EP.


— — — 5) SOSUMI RECORDS — — —
Sosumi Records is about giving the listeners a game-changing dance music experience…at no cost. This label gives fresh talents an opportunity to bring their ideas and visions to the masses without limitations. In addition, Sosumi creates unique pieces of artwork to set the tone for each track.

Sosumi continues its quest to bring you solid club music for free with its latest offering producers Ricky Survive & Andrew Mason teaming up with CAMARDA. Together they bring you a solid pure house music goodie. This track contains everything a massive dance track needs. The build-up is intriguing from the very beginning and followed by an incredible drop. These monsters bring the big beats that will creep up on your playlist for a long time. The only scary part is when the song ends.

Kanu are back on Sosumi with a heavyweight massive production. This uplifting beat has a raw beginning and slowly develops into a calm melodic tune that later takes us by surprise. The bass delivers the blood to the heart of the track that gives life to the tone. The speed varieties create moments of desire for any mainstage audience and once it’s delivered in full force the melody takeovers.

SOVTH is back withThe ‘Bring You Out’ EP. Introducing two tracks full of upbeat energy and funk. The vocal hooks take us back to the summer times of dancing on the beach. The groovy beats are designed to make every shoulder move no matter the circumstances. This track can easily brighten up the gloomy fall season.