Camille has come a long way from Montreal, Canada. Currently living in London, he’s been couped up in studio for months, working on his production skills. The time has nearly come for him to complete the planning for his mini European tour and push out some releases. But before then, it’s time for SoundandNoize to Discover Camille.

His introduction to electronic music came from his father, who was very big into Trance. The pioneer and legend, Robert Miles, played a role in his influence.  Though his melodies were inspiring for him, there was a certain element missing. He cites his discovery of Chicago House as the turning point.

“I love everything from Frankie to Kevin—groovy baselines,
infectious percussions and vocals, and I’m a sucker for a good high hat ride. From that
minute forward I ate, slept, and breathed house music in all its beautiful forms”

Knowing House music was his calling, Camille began to DJ. He became good at it. Really good at it. But again there was something missing. In order to pursue a career in music, you need to dabble into production. And so, maybe 4 years ago, he did just that. He claims to have “flirted” with music production for years, but the relationship has only been serious for a year now.

“I purchased Ableton and quickly ran into a dark room and started crying. After a year or so of on and off with the software I put my big boy pants on and dedicated myself to learning the software inside and out, not so much making music but just exploring the in’s and out’s of the actual software”

Any producer can tell you about the steep learning curve that comes with producing music, and learning the intricacies of the digital audio workstations. For Camille, finally grasping and mastering this element of music will add that layer of depth he desires. Within that depth has come a sound he identifies with. He calls it somewhere in between House and Tech House. “Not as pretty as House, but not as gritty as Tech House – somewhere in the middle”.

The last year he’s been very quiet, applying his skills in the studio. His recent track release under Toolroom has been an amazing motivation factor for his career. Being signed under the House super label can easily be marked as a milestone achievement in his growing career.

In the past Camille has maintained residencies in Montreal and London. In the works is a tour spanning North America, including stops at LA and Mexico City. He’s also got a big show coming up in November at Egg, London, following ADE. Keep your eye out for him in the future, as the pieces fall into place for his tour! Follow him on his Soundcloud as well, to stay updated with this fresh Toolroom signing!

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