The past few years have witnessed Tritonal’s massive wave of success, boasting a total of 4 top 10 Billboard Dance singles, including Gamma GammaUntouchable, and of course, Blackout. Their live performances have been equally as successful, providing anthemic tracks and memorable moments in both the club scene and main stage festival atmosphere.


To kick off summer, and their latest track, the Austin, Texas duo recently announced their ‘Blackout Tour’, with dates set in everywhere from Seattle, to Las Vegas, Toronto and this weekend, Montreal at where else but New City Gas?

SoundandNoize is giving away 2 VIP Access Tickets to the show this Saturday, May 7th. All that is required of you is to like and share this post on Facebook for your chance to win!

Be sure to check out their SoundCloud (especially their podcast, ‘Tritonia’ which has reached its 125th episode)!