From Northern Stockholm, Sweden, live two brothers, Christopher and Niklas Lunde, who know how to make a party wild. With their first step into the scene a remix of the Beatport #1 track ‘Chase The Sun’ by Arno Cost and Norman Doray in 2010, they worked and perfected what they wanted out of music. By 2012, they blasted onto the scene, landing gig at some major hot spots including London’s Ministry of Sound.

House music is their passion, although they don’t like to think or put a label on the music they make. They simply go for the vibe they like, the sound they want, and let the critics like us put the stamp on it.

Our style and vibe is very bouncy, sexy and positive so we think that our style is different because of the vibe we create with our sound. You just can´t stand still.

The brothers have toured all over the world, from Wall in Miami to Summer Festival in Belgium, as well as tons of parties in Sweden including Bravalla Festival. Currently, its all about Sweden, where they are taking part in a 10-city tour until Christmas!

After Christmas will be huge for the Lunde Bros. Having just moved into a new studio, their creative minds are syncing, flowing out idea after idea. Several collabs and originals are in the works, but they’re equally as excited for some big shows they’ll be announcing soon for 2016.

For the Lunde Bros, it took courage to start what they did. The ups and downs in the industry have taught them to be humble, and proud of their actions. With a firm spot in the music scene, there’s no doubt these brothers are living the dream.

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