Absorbing the party culture in the white island, Mambo Brothers have had an immense impact on Ibiza party scene. Growing up on the island, the two brothers have worked their way to the top, blending the Ibiza experience and electronic music into the ultimate scene: Café Mambo. Since it’s foundation, it has now become one of the top supper clubs on the island, with a serious reputation.

Being born and raised in the dance capital of the world , coming from a locals perspective what are your favorite parts of the white isle?

We love many things about Ibiza!! You have this fantastic mix of relaxed beach life during the day and then the world’s best nightlife at night. Ibiza has so many amazing spots that you really have to discover yourself for the most reward. We’ve lived here all our lives and we’re still finding magic places!!

In your opinion, what is the best thing about Café Mambo?

The vibe… plain and simple. There’s nowhere else quite like it on this earth!

What kind of impact do you think Café Mambo has on the island’s nightlife?

Well when Café Mambo started back in 1994 the area used to have 600 people during sunset. Now in 2018 we’ve counted over 25,000 people coming to watch sunset and clapping to the sun disappearing. This pilgrimage to join us on the sunset strip has become a ritual for so many visitors to the island because it makes for a great start of the night with the pre-parties kicking things off immediately after sunset. We think people really get energized from experiencing that sunset here and from this point the vibe becomes pretty electric… people are ready to party!

Explain the creative process behind your Ibiza compilation! What kind of vibe does it bring out for the summer?

We love music and especially music that has a Balearic feel or element to it. We’ve selected tracks that we play around the world over and over, the stuff that really works for us on the dance floors.

You guys will be playing the world-renowned festival: Tomorrowland! What kind of set can we expect?

We play mainly house music and we’ll be playing some of our new tracks for sure! We’ve played Tomorrowland before and it’s definitely a next level event! It was a whole lot of fun so we’re really looking forward to coming back.

Do you have any more special surprises lined up for the summer?

Yep well we have new music coming out that we’ve been testing at our recent gigs and all our new tracks are just pure fire!! So we can’t wait to see them dropping soon. We’ve also got some big winter plans although we can’t reveal too much just yet!


Be sure to follow the Mambo brothers on SoundCloud and Facebook especially, and check out Café Mambo’s website if you somehow aren’t convinced it’s the place to be on Ibiza!