tight lexor

Some music producers try to follow a path to success that many before them have followed, playing the right music, at the right clubs, and doing it well enough to achieve their goals. Sometimes however, there are those who choose to carve their own path in the industry, and aren’t afraid of the repercussions. This is the mentality of Alessio Cipolloni and Emanuele Bernardini, two Italian DJs out of Rome, Italy, where they are in the midst of a new concept they coin “French House”, which they guarantee is a style that really gets a crowd to turn up.


Our style is just that fresh feelings that everyone needs at the party, we are that thin line that goes through the house music and the pure funky, the groove that makes your body move without your control, the happiness and the smile that you “wear” when you are feeling the right vibe”.

Alessio and Emanuele have been producing for a very long time, and have gained experience making various types of beats. Alessio began 12 years ago, producing mainly Hip-Hop beats, until his production skills brought him into Progressive House with his friend Emanuele Bernardini, who had a craving for producing the same genre Alessio desired. After some time developing chemistry and a style of music they both agreed on, they began to work with labels such as Raveline Recordings, Code Red, Brawla Team and Vous Records, while collaborating with big names such as Starkillers and Marcus Schossow. Other labels like Big Beat Records and Toolroom have also contacted them, which came as a huge surprise.


Though they have been producing for some time, they have only just begun performing at various nightclubs in Italy, notably,Ventures Party which was a great experience for the duo. Their dreams do of course aim for performances all over the world.

Tight Lexor are in the process of finishing their image and their genre, preparing to show the world what they’re made of. The music industry has taught them they live a parallel life, and they are prepared to go the distance.